Winning Habits for a Land Broker

The beginning of the New Year is the best time to start implementing new habits. There are many categories within Commercial Real Estate and each broker is specialized in at least one of those categories. With approximately 100 years in the business, Atlanta Land Group knows all too well the intricacies of coordinating a land deal. As a team of site selection specialists, the ALG land brokers have adopted three winning habits to aid in their success:

  • Understanding the Future Land Use Plan
  • Being knowledgeable on infrastructure
  • Understanding the relationship between active developers and submarkets

Understanding the land use plan. As a commercial land broker, it is good practice to be knowledgeable on the Future Land Use Plan for the jurisdictions one serves. Knowing the terms for development and allowable uses with regard to location is key to understanding how future uses can be applied in specific submarkets.  

Be knowledgeable on infrastructure. Being a specialist in target submarkets requires the broker to be aware of the ongoing growth in underserved areas. Habitually monitoring the development of new roads, and the installation of water and sewer lines, for example, is a good habit for a land broker.

Be knowledgeable of active developers and their anchors. The previous two habits provide excellent market knowledge for brokers to practice the third habit – being knowledgeable of active regional and national developers, who are their anchor tenants, and understand how the demographics of targeted submarkets appeal to the tenants and potentially affect their decisions.

Each specialization within Commercial Real Estate has trade secrets. Mastering these habits as a land broker will lead to the agent acquiring a comprehensive lay of land and becoming a true expert in their specialty. Furthermore, this expertise should continuously be applied when working with clients who are seeking an expert to lead them through the site selection process in targeted areas. 

Posted on January 31, 2017 and filed under News.