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John Brantley


John Brantley is originally from Douglas, GA, and recently moved to Atlanta in June 2020. He founded Brantley Steel Company located in Douglas Georgia in 2013. Brantley Steel specializes in OEM component production for open and enclosed trailer manufacturers and manufactured housing.  In addition to being President of his company, John chose to pursue real estate in Atlanta.

                As a Partner of Bear Creek Angus Farms located in Willacoochee, GA, John has gained extensive knowledge in row crop and livestock production. With his experience with farmland, timberland and pure-bred Black Angus Cattle, John was able to gain extensive knowledge in agribusiness. John is an associate of Bear Creek Worm Farm in Ambrose, GA which is one of the largest vermiculture operations in the northern hemisphere. It was a natural progression for John to pursue Land Brokerage.

                In addition, he has a background in commercial and industrial properties. He will be focusing on large tracts of land on the south side of Georgia and large box industrial as well as a focus on turnkey manufacturing facilities. In his spare time, John likes to golf, hunt, fish, and spending time with his 6-year-old daughter, Bentley Rose.

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